What do we really want?

Here at Oakland University it is really tough to say where the future lies in academics, growth, and athletics. As the schools brand in our state of Michigan grows the school continues to grow in attendance and in sheer campus size. With constant remodels and buildings popping out of no where there is still something that the school is missing.

Football, at Oakland there are several rumors about why there isn’t an NCAA team here. The most common rumor is that Matilda Dodge the schools founder did not want contact sports at Oakland University.  Most of the rumors are sheerly incorrect especially after an article written by  Shelby Tankersley was published in the Oakland Post on November 4th

In the article athletic director had several quotes saying .”I don’t think it’s on the table right now that we can enact..It wouldn’t be just an Athletics decision either. It would be a campus decision. The students and the campus would really have to support it.”

He also had concerns about the facilities and the changes that would need to be in that case which is valid point because it could become costly. But at it’s cost it could create a huge surplus of money not only at OU but in Rochester Hills and Auburn Hills restaurants, hotels, and shopping.  Creating an NCAA team at Oakland University would create a surplus in revenue and attendance at the school as well. So when Director Konya says “the students would have to be in support.” Have you even done a study or a poll to the students because if you have. I have not seen it.

Im not putting Director Konya on blast I am merely saying do some studying on the situation and when you are interviewed on the possibility of bringing NCAA football to Oakland University bring us some actual substance on why it’s out of the spectrum, because if you look at the success of the football programs in Michigan either at D1 or D2 schools. the success has still driven revenue in all of those schools.

Hopefully in the near future we will see movement into bringing an NCAA team but for now I leave my hope in this administration to do the thing we all want them to do and bring football here.